Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Fun Weekend!

This weekend was fun! Here's what we were up to!

I ran the Murtaugh Mud Run 5K. A friend was going to do it with me, but had to go out of town, but I still wanted to run it. So I did! :) Harder than I thought, but lots of fun!

I ran into my old boss there and she snapped a few pics. This is me scrambling to get back up to my feet after making it through the "Mud Crawl" obstacle!

I took my shoes off 2/3 of the way was definitely faster, but more painful through certain parts!

A "quick" finish at 0:53:14 and number 51 out of 65 women! Haha! Actually I was amazed I finished in under an hour! This was intense!!

Friday, Ty got of work early and we went downtown to the Friday Night Market! I paid Ty $10 to hula hoop for 1 minute! See all the people that are watching him?!

I think he could go on for hours! (But I definitely couldn't afford that!)
Here's the full 1 minute clip!

Saturday, after I got off work, our friend's took their new boat out on it's maiden voyage and invited us to come with! It was sooooo nice! Josie is nearly asleep here, just chillin!

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