Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July

We spent the weekend of the 4th of July at Bear Lake. Ty's family usually has a family reunion there. The last time we went was 6 years ago, before Ty and I were married. We wanted to take some much needed time off. We got there late Friday night and stayed through Monday afternoon. Saturday was beautiful weather. Josie loved the sand. Especially eating it!The water was okay for a few minutes, but it quickly got cold after that.

The first trip out on the boat Josie fell asleep and took her nap in my arms for nearly 2 hours. It was really cute! She spent the rest of the day walking around on the hot sand without any problem. She loves the hot weather...Just like her mama!

We went out again later that afternoon. This is a Dog's Eye View of the boat floating away without them on it...much to their dismay.

I stuck around on shore and relaxed while Ty went out twice more before we took the boat out.
This is a classic picture of Ty's homemade leash and the crazy dogs! One day we will invest in a "real" three-dog-leash.

Sunday Ty's parents, Ty, Josie and I drove into St. Charles to go to church. I was truly amazed! Every large room in the building had people in it. There were even rows of chairs set up in the lobbies so people could listen. They said there were ~1000 people there and they expected the same number later that afternoon. It truly strengthened my testimony to see that.

That afternoon we all had a big luncheon with dutch oven chicken potatoes, and all the veggies, salad, fruit, and dessert you can imagine. YUM!!

Monday was much colder and was drizzling a little here and there. Of course Ty and I are "water snobs" and didn't even get in the boat. We picked up a raspberry milkshake at the Bear Cave Drive In and got our picture taken here. ;) Thanks Ty!

We were getting gas in Paris and ran into one of Ty's good friend's from high school, Shem Valentine and his wife. Good to see you!

After we got home we went to Johnny Carino's for Nachos and although we were really tired, I convinced Ty we needed to go see the firework show. They were cool. Next year we'll remember to bring a radio. This is Josie in the cute 4th of July outfit!

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