Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random Holiday Fun!

I know these are super late, but I still had to post them!

Here are a few pictures that were taken throughout the holidays!

Josie was a big help decorating the tree.

Summer was a big help un-decorating the tree!

Scratch and Sniff Preventing Leaks!


My mom and Josie tying shoes!

Josie All dressed Up!

Looking at the Christmas Lights in the South Hills with my parents and Alders.

They even have a camel!! His name is Bull!

Ready for a Day Outside!

Me and Josie at Shoshone Falls!

Josie is so excited by all her new clothes!

My new fitbit! LOVE IT!!

All of Josie's new books!

Our cute little fam!

Josie, Ava and Marshmallow the Dog!

My mom getting ready to go down head first! Haha

Josie's First Time Sledding with Daddy's Help

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