Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Fun!

Melissa is slow at posting so here were two firsts for Josie today!

Josie's First Swim Lessons: Happiest baby in the pool

She even got to go down the slide at the end of class!

Josie's first cave.


This was at the bottom of the cave. It is an old lava tube that extends gently down and out for about half mile.

She's even got her own head lamp! hehe.

Josie loved the red light.

Scratch at the bottom.

Melissa and why I love her.

This is after we came out with Spencer, the guy that showed us the cave.

The mud was super thick and fun to drive in. We made/let the dogs run as soon as we hit the dirt road and they were sinking up to their mid legs, needless to say they are a little worn out.

Summer, the dirtiest dog ever! This dog can go from glimmering white to this in seconds at home. Today she has an excuse, she ran 8 miles to the "Mud Cave".

More to catch up on later.

P.S. Thanks Alders for letting us use your warm hose to clean up the dogs.

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