Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Sun Valley!

This Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I worked up in Sun Valley. Ty has been up there two days a week for clinicals this semester. So we all drove up there early Wednesday morning. Josie stayed at a nearby daycare "Cozy Infant and Toddler Care" in Ketchum. They were awesome and not too expensive for Sun Valley.

After work on Wednesday we ate at the Sego Restaurant. It was sooo good!

We had the most delicious caramelized onion rolls and sea salt butter. I think I could have eaten those all day!!! I ordered slow roasted pork, with kale, pomegranates and hazelnuts, and Ty had loin of lamb with farro pilaf and pine nuts. For dessert we had spiced apple crepes with apple cider ice cream and caramelized pecans. YUM!!

The hospital put us up at a condo in the Resort, as the town house was full. It was definitely the nicest place Ty or I have ever stayed. There was a full marble bath with split vanities and large garden tub! Wow!

Here's a pic of the first level. There was an awesome balcony too!

Thursday night a friend of ours invited us for dinner at their house in Bellevue. It was good and lots of fun! Thanks Barb and Don!

Ty played with Josie Friday morning until I got off work ~12. We ate at a yummy Mexican Restaurant called Desperado! After a stop at the Sun Valley Chocolate Factory we went on a hike up Proctor Mountain Loop.

Josie had a blast! For about the first 30 seconds she was mad that we woke her up and moved her from her car seat to her day pack, but after she got settled in she did awesome!

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It was beautiful weather! Like 65 degrees and a slight breeze and sunny! It about 1800 feet in elevation climb and 6 miles! This was where the first ski lift in the world was located!

Awesome view of Mt Baldy, aka Sun Valley's ski mountain.

Me and Josie playing after we got back to the car!

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  1. Are you saying that the camp that we make at Powell is not as fancy as the condo? I mean, we have a fire, chairs, roof (the shade), and a large solar heated pool. (much larger pool than you would have at Sun V.)