Wednesday, November 17, 2010

6 Month Birthday!

Happy 6 month birthday Jo!

Here are a few things about our cute little Josie Lynn!

*She learned how to sit up all by herself today! She loves to sit up!

*She loves to stand too! She doesn't like to be on her belly as much or her back! We think it's 'cuz she can't see as much that way.

*Her favorite thing is still her bottle...or her bath. She loves, loves, loves to splash in the tub! Swimming lessons here we come!

*Her favorite cereal is either Barley or Oatmeal.

*She has also tried applesauce, bananas and zucchini. She likes those too, but not as much as her cereal. She is still learning how to eat with her clothes on (i.e. not make a huge mess which requires a bath...I think it's a conspiracy)!

*She loves to be carried around the house with Ty or I. It doesn't matter what we're doing, she just wants to be with us. She helped me make Muffins on Sunday and Jambalaya on Monday. (It's a little more tricky to cook with a 6 month old, but I'm getting better!)

*She's so funny when we read her stories, she looks at each page intensely, like she is reading along! Hahaha

*She loves to make little squeaks and squeals. She also loves to chew on her hands or your hands!

*She thinks the camera is super funny too! (I'm sure you can tell from some of her previous pics!)

*She now wakes up at least once each night...not so happy about the degression.

*She loves to play with the dogs' fur and feel their wet noses, tongues and soft ears.

*She hates getting her nose wiped. She turns her head back and force when she knows it's coming, so we have to be sneaky.

*When she's really upset the only thing that calms her down is Don Williams. I was never really a fan before, but getting to be more of a fan now! :)

*She knows when we are not paying attention to her. Even if she's nearby and we're focusing on something else like the computer or homework or the mail, she makes these little fussy noises.

*She really likes to look in the mirror and see herself and us too! She thinks it's so funny!

*She still likes to go on walks, hikes or runs. I think the swaying motion is very comforting to her and she falls asleep quickly, just like during my pregnancy.

We love you like crazy Josie-pie!

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  1. Wow she is such a beautiful little girl! I love her headband, did you make it? She sounds like so much fun! Enjoy it while you can, they get big way too fast!

  2. She's so cute. We're excited to see you for Thanksgiving. Ava does some of these things too, but she loves to be on her tummy because it means she can move on her own. She wishes she could crawl.

  3. That is the cutest pic ever! She is so adorabele!