Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lake Powell 2010

Here the scoop on the summer vacation 2010!

Before we headed down to Lake Powell we rode with Kelsey and Stevo to see Tiff and Mike's new baby, Quinn. She is adorable!! Her and Josie get along great already as you can see! Hahaha!

In her defense Quin was extremely tired from her 13 hour plane ride and Josie started it by kicking her! :)

Quinn's not too sure about the dogs, Sammy and Stella, but bizarrely, she's quite fond of Rudy, the crazy cat!! She was wiggling around like crazy and Ty had a fun time trying to keep a hold of her!

We headed down on Monday morning and setup camp about 4 ish on Lone Rock Beach. Our group this year consisted of only 8, the three older grand kids, Ty's parents, Ty , Josie and I and our friend Cam. It was a lot of fun!

All we took this year was the tent trailer and Josie's pack and play fit perfectly where the table usually goes! She slept so well! It was cooler this year than last, 97-98 degrees vs 102-104 degrees. It only rained for a few hours and the temperature of the water was perfect too! Josie loved it! We were even able to hike to the top of the Buttes one of the mornings!

McKaela was the best babysitter and held Josie way more than anyone else!

Josie thinks this was a success, as we finally sweet talked Cam into holding what if he was still half asleep? :)

Too lazy to take Josie the 15 feet down to the water, so she got a cool wet towel on her head.

Ty wanted a trim while we were down there, cuz we ran out of time before we left. Well...I had it just about right, when I decided it needed to be a bit shorter in length. I didn't have any attachments and needless to say, this is what it turned into! Hahaha! I ended up shaving the whole thing!

Last year Scratch's tail was sore and this year Sniff hurt his tail somehow too! How ironic is that! They loved playing in the water, chasing "Kitties" a.k.a. ravens, and hiking all around!

The water wasn't as smooth as it could have been , but we were still able to do lots of skiing. In fact, I got way better at air chairing, wake boarding, skiing and wakeskating! Ty said it's the best I've ever done! Unfortunately we didn't get any pics of me being totally awesome!

Cam and Ty were "double air chairing" together! This is a bit scary with a four foot aluminum hydrofoil under each of them! :) But it was all good!

Cam loved the wakeskate! One day there was white caps and a brisk breeze and Cam, Ty and I spent the whole time having a blast, trying to get up, and actually stay up, for more than 5 seconds!

We took our friend's kayaks and used those nearly constantly. Snorkeling was also common place.

Wednesday we drove over to Sand Mountain and took our annual hike to the top! Then we played in the water at the bottom. Josie was totally content sucking on her bottle and floating around!

We took Josie on a tube ride and I think she would have liked it except she was super hungry. She is so upset in the this picture!

Friday we drove up Labyrinth Canyon and Ty, Kyler and I did a little cliff "climbing" and got some great views! Josie loved the boat ride!

There was so much good food, games, and relaxing - it was a wonderful trip! Josie was perfectly content the whole time and loved every minute of it, even without the usual motor-home comforts!!

On our way home we met up randomly met up with our friends, from St George, in Filmore, Utah. We saw their brand new baby, Boston, now four weeks old.
He was so little in compared to Josie!

Braxton was there too! He and his Mom spent the whole week with us at Lake Powell last year.
By next year Boston will be old enough to go with us too!


  1. I think it's so great that you guys do so much stuff even though you have such a small baby. It helps them learn to be flexible and she definitely has some fun parents!

  2. actually we went through 30 hrs of traveling...a total of 3 flights (17 hrs of flight time) and 10 hrs of layovers.

  3. Oh you are so adventurous! Is that even how you spell it? I don't know.....anyway, cloth diapers: I use fuzzibunz one size. They are pocket diapers, I don't know if you're familiar with those or not. But, I think they're the easiest clothies to use. I found a 12 pack (new with tags..I'm not so sure about used cloth diapers) with 2 inserts per diaper for $180.00 on ebay. I buy my biodegradable liners online from babies r us. You get 100 for $7.00. Totally worth it I think. Anyway, looks like you guys are having a blast, as always!