Thursday, August 5, 2010

Count Your Many Blessings!

Well, I'm feeling really lazy and don't have much time anyway. So here's a brief overview of the last few weeks.

Has everything she needs, her book, her bottle, her rattle and a nap!

We went shooting on Saturday and Josie wasn't too sure about the ear muffs!

(Fast forward to about 23 seconds to see the good part!)

Crazy girl with a gun!

Caden, our nephew on the kayak.
He stayed with us this last week and was a big help with Josie.

Ty and I took Josie out on a quick ride around the dock. She loved hearing the sound of the water against the kayak!

Ladies, he's single!!! :)

Josie loved Uncle Eric!

The only semi-good picture we got, sorry the sun was in Josie's eyes!

Ava and Josie were both blessed the same day here in Twin Falls. Ava almost got a new sister, as Ty started to bless Josie Lynn Anderson! Hahaha!

My mom made this dress for my sister and I to be blessed in, and now Josie got to wear it too!

The whole crew was able to come, my whole family including my sister and her son, who live in WA, cousins and grandpa and lots of Ty's and Lo's family too! Thank you all!

Her movie star sunglasses fit just in time for our trip to Lake Powell!

Got to love that smiley girl!!


  1. Wow she's changed so much already! She is adorable!

  2. She is really cute! I hope you guys come down soon so I can meet her! Sorry I couldn't come to the blessing I wish I could!