Monday, June 21, 2010

A Wonderful Father's Day Weekend

This year for Father's Day Ty said that all he wanted was to go camping. So Friday I got the camper ready and when Ty got out of school we headed to Wahlstrom Hollow in the South Hills. A lot of the campsites were full, so Ty decided to take a road up to the top of the hill. It was steep and narrow, especially for a 4-door long-bed truck and camper, but we found an awesome campsite near the top of the hill.

We setup the camper, got a fire started and cooked dinner. We had Pork Sirloin Steaks and skillet potatoes with onions that were to die for. Then we had Strawberry Crisp that ended up little too crispy. Oh well!

Josie had a great time. She was all wrapped up in about 3 or 4 layers and was perfectly content.
Her first camping trip!

The next morning we had pancakes and fruit for breakfast and headed off on a walk. The weather was beautiful! The dogs found a huge patch of snow and nearly rolled down the hill enjoying it!

So recently we have some stalker friends that we literally see in the weirdest places! We were up in Ketchum at the Water Park a few months ago and who shows up? The Duff family. So completely out of the blue! Well on our walk we hear four wheelers and as they get closer, I notice the guy on the front looks strangely familiar! Brad Duff and JoJo! Behind them is the rest of the family, complete with their new dog Krista, otherwise know as DingDong! How random is that! We stopped and chatted for a few minutes.

On our way home I stopped and got the best Italian Soda and ate at the Burnt Lemon Grill. That place is so good! We love it! After Ty took a nap and Josie got a bath, and nail trimming we cleaned out the garage! It was a huge disaster! Now it looks so much better!

For Ty's Father's Day present, our neighbor wanted to sell his lathe for only $65!! So I bought it for Ty to add to his collection.

I know he really needs a shop!

Yesterday I made Ty strawberry and peach Crepes for lunch! Yum!!! After church I made crab won tons. They were pretty tasty, but I think I'll try a different recipe next time! Then we watched LeapYear. It was really cute!

Thanks for being an awesome Dad Ty! We love you!

Thanks to both Ty's Dad and my Dad for everything! You guys are great!! Happy Father's Day! We Love you!


  1. Josie is so bundled up she couldn't move if she wanted to!

  2. That is so not camping and you know it Ty. Any way it is good to see that you are setting her out on the right foot. Hopefully Ava will be ready for her Fourth of July camping trip.(she will actually be in a tent.)