Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Adventures of Swimming and Cake Decorating

Yeah...I know that's a weird combination of events, but that's often how it goes at our house. Ty has been working a lot lately, but Monday night he got off at about 8 and called to see if we wanted to go swimming. I had been bugging him a lot, so I was really excited.

Although I posted earlier that Josie hated her baths, I think that was a one time thing...maybe the water was too cold. (We got this little duck from Target that tell you if the water is too hot for bath time. Well I think he is really an Arctic Duck, because by the time he is okay with the water temperature, the water is pretty cold! Way colder than I would want to take a bath in. So Mr. Arctic Duck gets to be used only for play time more water temperature judging for him!)

Anyway back to the topics at hand! Well after we warmed up the water a bit, I think Josie really does like to take baths.

So Monday night we got her in her swim diaper (which was a little big, but did the job), and her tiny cute blue mermaid swimsuit I bought for $1.99 (Yeah for consignment stores!) and Ty and I headed to the city pool. The pool closes as 9:00 and it was 8:45 when we got there. But I figured she'd only stay in for about 5 minutes (or less) before she wanted to be done.

We were both amazed. She loved it! She didn't even get upset or anything! She stayed in the whole time, until the pool closed! Ty and I were so excited and we'll definitely be back soon!!

This is her cute swimsuit cover-up! I love the ears!! So adorable!

Well after we got back from the pool I finished decorating a cake I had been working on. For mutual the other day we had a cake decorating class I and got really excited about it! I had a gift certificate to Rudy's and went to buy some cake decorating supplies. If any of you recall I make a really yummy tasting and looking cake for my mom's birthday last year. It even held up on a car ride for two hours in the trunk.

This time it turned out a little differently! Well needless to say I got a little a head of myself.
I forgot a few things and it ended up tasting yummy, but looking...well you can see for yourself.

The lady who was teaching our class said you didn't have to cut the top of the cake off, just turn it upside down. I think my cake was domier (not a word) than hers, because hers turned out awesome and mine didn't. Also the chocolate pudding I made for filling didn't set up for some reason. (I'm not sure why, it's the instant Jello kind from a box! Go figure!)

So this is what happens when you have an extra domey cake, slick icing, running pudding and strawberry filling. Hahaha! I finally gave up on the first layer and took the second layer and decorated it separately! It turned out much prettier!

Better luck next time!


  1. We have a ducky that is suppose to tell you when it's too hot as well, It never really worked super great either! :) Good thing she likes the water since you guys are such a water family! I think there is something soothing about the pool! :)

  2. Uhhhhhh like you can look that skinny after just having a baby, I sort of hate you right now :)

    Josie looks so adorable in her swimsuit! Better luck next time on the cake decorating. I've given up on cake decorating and will probably just buy them for my kids' birthday parties.