Monday, June 28, 2010

Hi Ho Hi Ho...

...It's off to work I go!

Today Josie is 6 weeks old and now it's time for me to go back to work! I really have mixed feelings about this. I Love, Love, Love to play with my little Josie all day! She is such an angel and is very mild mannered. She loves to lay on her mat and giggle/shout at the duck and butterfly hovering over her. She's such a good sleeper too!

But I also Love my job and miss working with my coworkers and doing what I love to do all day, Nutrition! I have also missed being around other people and have even had a little cabin's hard for me to just stay at home all day (and not being at home usually means spending money)!

But it was really an easy decision as Ty's unemployment has run out and he's currently in clinicals for x-ray all day. Someone has to pay the bills, plus it's my turn!

So today I went back to work! I know this sounds strange, but walking into our office today, it seemed so unfamiliar to me. I've worked there for more than 3 years, but I just seemed so out of place being there today. But after reading nearly 160 emails, getting updated on all the new changes, and helping with a few patients, I started to get the hang of it again. I only worked for a half day today and will for tomorrow and Wednesday as well. Thursday and Friday are a full day, so hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things by then.

This morning when I took Josie to her "Nanny's" house, it was harder than I thought it would be. She's kind of been my little shadow for the last 6 weeks. The only time she was away from us was when Ty's parents watched her while Ty and I went to buy Oreos at the grocery store. She even came with us to dinner and a movie with some friends on Saturday! (By the way she did awesome and didn't even cry once!!)

I was a little emotional, but managed to make it to work without crying! Ty thinks I'm a bit of a wimp, but that's okay, I can be some days! Josie had lots of friends to play with though, Cole, Rhett, Maggie and Sadie! Sadie is the youngest and she's ~2 1/2. They loved having her there too! Maggie told everyone at church, "we're getting a new baby tomorrow!" Thanks a ton Montay! I even got the cutest photo on my phone!


P. S. I also had an MD appointment today and weighed Josie! Now she weighs 9 lbs 3 ounces! Way to go girl! All that eating has been paying off!


  1. I'm sure it must be hard but I think you're smart to put Ty through school and not rack up a bunch of debt. Josie sure is a cutie!

  2. I remember that day like it was yesterday....the bitter sweet moment! She is getting big, I love the outfit with the brown pants--too cute!

  3. Sweet! She weighs as much as Eli did at birth........oh I bet it's fun to have a "little" baby. :)