Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Showers...Actually March, but better late than never!

So I'm a little late in blogging this, but life has been pretty busy lately. My friend Nicki and Suzanne threw me a baby shower last weekend.

Ty's parents, sister Kelsey and niece McKaela drove up from Utah Friday night and stayed until Sunday morning. My mom and two sister in laws met us here on Saturday and left shortly after the shower.

It was such a good party! Thank you Nicki and Suzanne! The games were fun and the food was fabulous! And a big thanks to family and friends who were able to make it or send a gift!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Here a just a few of the pictures!

This one my mom made! It's so fuzzy, Gianna (Sarah's daughter) kept calling it Elmo!

Pre-made scrapbook pages for her baby book! I love it! Thanks Kelsey! You are so talented!!

My brother Bobby helped pick these out! Good thing he knows my style! :)

I love the wrapping job on this one. Anna, you are amazing!! I love the card too! It says, "Couldn't you have put me in the other snuggly? This one makes me look fat!" So funny!

This is my sister in law Lo (Laura) and I. She's due 3 weeks after me!

Only 8 more weeks to go! (For me, 11 for her!)

Thank you all again! It was wonderful!


  1. The wonderful baby showers......isn't it so fun to get all the cute stuff, I know it made me like 300x more excited :) So I waited so you could tell me what you still needed or wanted after the shower.....shoot me an e-mail or text! Love the bump!

  2. So Sorry we live so far away and could not come to the baby showers, but thanks for registering at Target- There is something coming your way from there. Anyway good luck and keep us posted we are so excited for you!