Friday, April 9, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

This year for Easter we hung out at home. We usually head down to Jeep Safari, but weren't able to make it this year. I had to work Saturday, but it was a light day and most of the afternoon off.

Saturday night at like 10pm we decided we were going to dye Easter Eggs. We didn't hard boil them, because two people can really only eat so many hard boiled eggs.
Ty says his family has done them raw before so we gave it a try. You just had to be super sure not to drop them! :)

I got this idea to try these stamping markers I have on the eggs...

...but of course they are "washable" and most of it came right off in the dye!

There were still a few baby foot prints left around the top, though!

We came up with quite the collection.

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny hopped on by and gave us a few goodies. Ty got a Book on Tape about J Golden Kimball and I got some cute earrings (seen in the picture below!) and the doggies a few dogs biscuits disguised as "Easter Candy".
On Sunday in between Conferences we took the dogs on a walk to the park.

They really weren't suppose to get in the water, as we just gave them a bath on Friday morning, but sure enough they found the dirtiest place to roll around! How Nice!

We had a nice quite Easter Dinner that evening. I made grilled lamb with mint pesto sauce, greek couscous salad, grilled eggplant, strawberry pie and dinner rolls that actually turned out! (If you don't know, this really is quite amazing!!...I know you're thinking, "those look like Rhodes rolls!", but trust me, this is still very much an accomplishment.)

It was a wonderful weekend and we both thoroughly enjoyed the Conference sessions! They were all excellent, but Elder Holland's talks continue to be my favorite!

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