Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fun Times with Fasciotomies!

Well as most of you know Ty and I have been running a lot more since we started training for our Triathlon last May. Shin splints and other pains were something that were complained of often, especially by Ty. I have been lucky to not have any injuries from exercising.

However for the last three or four months, Ty would complain of constant pain after working out. One day in early December we took a hike for about 5 miles or so. I raced Ty and the dogs to the bridge, about 200 feet away and afterward Ty could hardly walk because his legs hurt so badly. So for a while he just dealt with it and tried to hike uphill on the treadmill and weightlifting instead of running.

One day at work on lunch my lunch break I was bored and was reading an email from Active.com about shin splints and other injuries. It mentioned that if your shin splints persist for more than a short while to get them looked at, as they could really be compression fractures or compartment syndrome. Ty got an appointment with the sports medicine podiatrist and found out it really was compartment syndrome, but exertional instead of traumatic, like I had heard the most about.

So after making him come in a bijillion times and explaining how it all worked we agreed to have the surgery done. Since Ty had already met his deductible this year with his "mountain bike induced kidney stones" (haha) it was a no-brainer. Not to mention the fact that 10-15 feet of running, spinning, swimming or hiking caused an awful amount of pain in Ty's lower legs.

However prior to the surgery, he had to pretend to be a human pin cushion (as seen below) with a huge needle, even bigger than the kind they use for blood donations! Yikes!! Afterward he said the tests hurt way more than the actual surgery.

For a much more graphic version check out the pressure gauge tests shown here. Pretty awful if you ask me! (Fortunately I didn't have to watch!)

There are like 10-12 more holes that you can't see on the pictures, just to make sure he wasn't faking!!

This last Friday he was knocked out and stabbed a few mores times and they sliced the fascia open to release the pressure of the muscle caused when he exercised. When I came to pick him up afterward he was quite the sight to be seen! Surgical hair net on, laying sprawled on the stretcher, nearly hurling from the Percocet. We decide no more narcotics for Ty!!

This picture was taken shortly after arriving home.

The dogs wouldn't let him out of their sight, not like he was going very far, anyways!

We spent more time at home that weekend that we ever have in a three day period. Let me tell you how boring that was!! By the way, trying to get any sleep at night with a pregnant wife and aching husband status post Fasciotomy is much like torture! However Ty did convince me to take him to Costco to ride the motorized cart all over the store. I think he over did it a little though, because the next day he was exhausted.

Monday he had a follow up appointment with the surgeon and is doing excellent. Before taking off the wraps he had bruising on both ankles and knees and was expecting a much more dramatic view when the dressings came off. But instead just 5 little boring old sutures!

Two more weeks and we check back again for the okay to start up another exercise routine, but for now all is well!!

P.S. For those of you who don't mind slicing and dicing, check out this link for a proper explanation of the surgery.


  1. Training for a triathlon? Melissa, didn't anyone remind you that you're pregnant? But I should have known you wouldn't let pregnancy slow you down (or should I say Ty wouldn't let pregnancy slow you down).

    So sorry that Ty had to get surgery! That sounds awful, especially all the tests! I hope it makes him feel better though.

  2. Surgery is never any fun....at least the hanging out until you are healed part! :) I'm glad that he was able to get it done, hopefully there won't be anymore pain when he's fully recovered.

    P.S. Who says a pregnant lady can't go to the lake?! I might not tube;) but hey I'll so be there!!

  3. That surgery sounds pretty painful! Derek had reconstructive surgery on both of his ankles. His first one I was about 6 weeks pregnant and then second was about 7 weeks after I had her. I can totally sympathize in the no sleep department! I hope he heals up soon so you guys can get back to the outdoors, I love reading about what your latest excursion was!

  4. Yikes! What an awful surgery! I hope he continues to heal well!

  5. he looked rather pathetic didnt he?

  6. I'm sorry about that! Atleast it's done and won't happen during the little one's arrival. P.S. I hearted percocet after Eli.........guess Ty's not suited for child birth.