Monday, March 1, 2010

Melissa's Pregnancy Journal 3.1.10

Monday, March 01, 2010

Well, I’ve been a huge slacker and haven’t written for a long time!  There is a lot to catch up on! I’ve been to five visits with the OB/GYN and everything is looking good so far.

 We told my parents at my 25th birthday party, on November 21.  After I had opened all my presents, I gave my parents a card with a picture of the ultrasound!  Everyone was so excited, albeit a little surprised!  Lo and Bob were especially excited. She is due three weeks later than me.

When we went down to Ty’s parent’s house for Christmas, I handed his mom a picture of the ultrasound and she nearly knocked me off the step. Ty’s Dad didn’t believe that we were serious. He even thought we created a fake ultrasound picture! Hahaha. Cassi, Ty’s sister, was there and is due about 4 weeks before me. She was really excited too!

The first time I felt the baby move was Tuesday, January 12th, just before I got off of work! It felt like a little tiny hiccup! Ty didn’t feel it until Sunday, January 31st. I held his hand on my belly and just as quickly he pulled it back and said, “That’s Disgusting!” I thought it was really, really funny!

We had our 2nd ultrasound on Monday January 18th and everything looked really good. The doctor said it was just a little bigger than a 12 oz can of diet Coke. He confirmed that it was in fact a GIRL!! Ty and I went to Target and got her first outfit! It was so cute!

This last weekend my mom and I finished the quilt for the baby’s room. It turned out really nice. Ty got the light mobile hung a few weeks ago and all the pictures are up on the walls. I repainted the changing table after Ty removed the broken drawers and put shelves in. I found some cheap, colorful baskets at Target to put on the shelves. Ty also put up another closet rod. All we have left to do is get it all organized! I think it’s going to look really nice!

Sarah, from work, gave me a whole bunch of baby clothes and my mom has been buying a lot lately as well. I think there is enough there for twins!! Hahaha!

I have still felt really good, but it stinks to get a cold when you’re pregnant. It seems like it I have absolutely no energy. And trying to get comfortable and get a good night’s sleep is very elusive.

We only have one more Child Birth Prep classes left, this week. It has been a lot of good information, but the room it’s in is SOOOOO hot, the chairs are very uncomfortable and the teacher is less than entertaining. Oh well! I guess it’s worth the $250, I get off my hospital bill.

Oh, also our insurance is renewing in April and it’s better than it was before. The deductible is $200 less than this year and our co pay for the doctor is 10% instead of the 20% like we thought! YEAH!!
Anyway, that all for now…I’ll try to keep updated better!


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