Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life As We Know It

Life has been busy lately. I'm still working full time and Ty's been busy with school and fixing up little odds and ends on the house.

Last weekend we headed up Wahlstrom Hollow for a beautiful day of snowshoeing. It was awesome! We took the dogs and baby-to-be and a few snacks. It was really sunny and the snow was really nice.

Ty and I decided we want to buy that little red cabin across the road. Don't you think that would be nice??

Thursday and Friday I worked up in Sun Valley and went to a Prenatal Yoga class that was wonderful. I spent the rest of the time relaxing (and working of course). Saturday Ty had a X-Ray Tech Seminar his class was in charge of, so the dogs and I went to the park.

After hiking to the top of the trail, we headed back down and Sniff headed straight for the lake. I thought he was just getting a drink, but no. He waded waist deep into the water. Brrrr! Here's an after shot I took with my cell phone camera as he is shaking off!

Scratch was not as brave! He prefers cooling off via "snow rolling". That is finding a good patch of snow, eating a big mouthful and rolling and rolling until your feeling better!

All else is going well! Just finishing up the things for the baby's room. We'll post pictures of that soon!

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