Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our House Transformation

Well here is the process of changing our back wash room with desk into a den/home office.

The first pink pictures are the day we toured the house and then later when we closed on the house. I know it was atrocious!! Don't worry all of the pink is gone, completely gone!!

It took us nearly three years of saving and hard work to change it to what it is now. We first removed the carpet and replaced it with tile. A while later we knocked out the doorway and wall to the basement and still used the washed and dryer upstairs. Ty plumbed in connections in the basement and we then moved the washer and dryer downstairs, replaced the sheet rock, had it mudded and taped by our neighbor Jim, and repainted it all. Ty spent a week down at his parents house (thanks Karen and McKay) building this Beautiful Knotty Alder Desk in between his school semesters. I moved all my scrap booking stuff from our 2nd bedroom into the big drawers and large desk area and the computer has it's own space for Ty to do homework too! We both love it!!

Take a Look at the Process and the Final Product!

It's nearly finished, just a few odds and ends to do and we'll be completely done.
Now Baby Sleight can have the nursery room to herself! :)


  1. It looks gorgeous! Amazing work on the desk! Love your contribution to the demo Mel! :)

  2. It looks great! Now I just want to see pictures of the baby's room.

  3. I will be up in a few months to evaluate the work and give it a grade. No pass/fail here.

  4. That looks awesome, I love the new desk! And you're right, that was A LOT of pink!!

  5. It looks great! You guys are awesome!

  6. What, you didn't want to keep that gorgeous pink?! ;)
    The transformation looks awesome you guys! Good job!
    Love the desk, so nice! :)