Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Thanksgiving to be Grateful For

This Thanksgiving I had to work the day before and after Thanksgiving, so we stayed here at home. Ty's sister and brother-in-law came from Virginia to visit with their new baby, McKenzi and drove up with Ty's parents for a couple days. (Sorry I don't have any pictures!) They also brought up their well- loved tent trailer for us to have. Next week I'll post our camping pics! Thanks again!

For those of you who aren't aware...I live for food. Truly! As soon as I found out they were coming I started planning the dinner. All year long I wait for the best magazine of the year to arrive in my mailbox. The Bon Appetit Thanksgiving Special!! Ty thinks I've lost it when I spend hours reviewing and planning and mostly enjoying the recipes and articles found inside! I've never made a whole Thanksgiving Dinner, but it was more thrilling than daunting.

I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after work shopping, preparing and baking delicious dishes. Even most of the day on Thursday, I spent cooking. Everyone felt bad that I had to cook this big meal, but I was truly in heaven! At one point the oven accidentally got turned off, but that was only for about 30-45 minutes. Everything else went off without a hitch, except that Cassi ended up sick all day! (What a terrible day to be sick!)

While we waited the extra time for the turkey to finished roasting we drove down to Shoshone Falls and hiked up to the viewpoint! It was a beautiful day!

Everything was delicious and unbelievable not that hard! Honestly! The turkey was salted rather than brined. The turkey was the easiest and by far the best I've ever had. Try it! There are four recipes listed here. We had the one with oranges and fall spices. I tweaked the recipe just a I usually do. We made the gravy with chicken bullion, instead of spending hours making the turkey stock. (I know that's unheard of, but yup I did it and it was delicious!) We also used an oven bag inside an aluminum roasting pan, but that just made the process easier! Everything else was just as good. Take a look here! (Click on the pics for the recipes!)

We also had hummus with pita chips and veggies for appetizers, homemade rolls, pear ginger "shooters" to drink and delicious pecan pie for dessert!

Clean up was super easy and Ty's family left later that afternoon. I think it was one of the best Thanksgiving I've ever had!

We are very blessed that live here in Twin Falls and enjoy the wonderful jobs that we have, our house, vehicles, dogs, good health, the freedoms we enjoy, family and friends and most of all the gospel in our lives. We are especially grateful for our new temple less than 5 miles away! We truly are so blessed!


  1. That dinner sounds awesome! You had to work on Friday? How did you ever survive not being able to go shopping? ;)

  2. It looks like your Thanksgiving dinner was amazing. Our dinner was pretty good too. We missed you and Ty. Bobby brought me home a Bon Appetit magazine from work a few days ago. They have magazines there and they just end up throwing it away. It looks really amazing and since school got out yesterday I'm going to have to try out some of the recipes!