Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our First Tent Trailer: Camping at Whalstrom Flats

Remember that tent trailer I told you my in-laws gave to us on the post? Well last weekend we decided to try it out and take for a trip up in the mountains. After getting everything packed and stopping to get a Dutch Oven and ice for out new ice cream maker from the crazy lady at the gas station, we headed out. We didn't really know where we wanted to camp, but Ty finally found a nice road to head up. There was a nice spot at the top of the hill in a clearing--later we found out was the intersection for three different roads! :) Oh well!

We got up there later than we had hoped and started to set up camp. Ty got the fire and coals ready while prepared the Trout and Apricot Marion Berry Cobbler. Ty helped cook the fish, which was delicious. We were also going to have Buttermilk Biscuits cooked on a stick over the fire, but we were too lazy, and cold (and too full) to bother. (Click on the text for the recipes!)

For my birthday I got a neat ice cream maker ball from my boss that we hadn't tried out yet, so I got that ready. Since we had such a headache at the gas station, we didn't have quite as much ice as we needed, but it still worked.

The dogs and I chased the ball all over the ground for 20 minutes to mix it. We didn't have snow at our house and the dogs absolutely LOVE snow, so they were in doggie heaven!

Then we enjoyed the best cobbler I've ever had and homemade vanilla ice cream in the middle of the forest!

It was very, very cold. I must add, we thought it was like 8 pm and couldn't figure out why is was so cold. But after we finished eating we hopped in the truck for a few minutes to warm up and saw the clock said nearly midnight! No wonder!! After that we hopped in our super warm sleeping bags and dogs cuddled with us all night. I didn't get cold once and slept like a rock!

In the morning we slept in for a little bit until the Scratch and Sniff made us get up! Ty made some yummy pancakes and bacon for breakfast!

Scratch thinks he like bacon too!

Afterward we took the dogs on a nice long hike before we packed up and headed out! It was so beautiful up there!

After we got back we were airing out the tent trailer (little too close to the camp fire) and the neighbor lady hollered over to us.

"Don't you know it's too cold to go camping!

We smiled and shouted back, "What do you mean? We went last night!"

And of course, she replied with, "You're Crazy!!"


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! It's a really good thing that dogs like to cuddle, ours have kept me warm a time or two when camping! :)

  2. Holy cow Melissa! You guys ARE crazy! It is stinking cold outside! You are a brave soul...I'm not a huge fan of cold weather. I'd rather stay inside with my heater. :0) But, glad you had so much fun with your new trailer!

  3. You guys are so adventurous!!! How fun though!!

  4. You two are hard core, and I mean that without an ounce of sarcasim...WOW! You are my outdoor hero.

  5. How fun! I love how your dogs wake you up in the morning, it's good practice for when you have kids!

  6. Wow now that is dedication to camping way to go !