Monday, April 23, 2018

All Dogs Go To Heaven!

Our lifelong friend and dog Scratch has been sick with what we think was cancer for a while now. He was losing a lot of weight, but we were able to help improve that.

On Sunday he started throwing up after we got home from church. Ty went over to check on him and there was a very large bulge on one side of his abdomen. It seemed that he wouldn't be around much longer so we all had a chance to cuddle with him, give him one more good deep brushing, and just be with him until he passed away. It was just a few hours, but it was a heart-wrenching process. 


 Ty distracted himself by making a beautiful birch coffin and we all signed it. The kids each tied a friendship bracelet around his paw. We got to talk about where our body goes when we die and when we get resurrected and get to live in heaven for eternity!

Even though Scracth was Ty's favorite and I think it hit him the hardest, he spent the rest of the evening digging a hole. He offered me to put a shovel of dirt over the top after we lowered the box down in, but I just couldn't do it. I cried so much that day my eyes were sore for days. It was so tough! :(

Ty and I first got Scratch and Sniff a little more than 2 years after we got married and we were moving into our first home in Twin Falls. They were brothers and protectors from day 1.

They gave us good practice for having kids and were the best companions. They had never spent any length of time away from each other and were really the best dogs!



We will always love and miss you Scratch! We Love You!

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