Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Kate's Five!

My baby girl Kate turned 5 this week! FIVE!!

Of course she wanted a Moana birthday party so we went simple this year...
(we are desperately trying to finish the exterior of our house before winter comes)

Nobody here really likes cake so we went with fancy Rice Krispie Treats. 

 Since she had a winter birthday, we went with a cosmic bowling party on Saturday.

I ordered some grass skirts and hair flowers and got everyone involved.
(Ty and Rhett look Uh-mazing in theirs!)

 I know Rhett's not smiling but he hides it well! He really loved being part of the party!

Kate really liked pretending to be pregnant and it caught on like wildfire! Hahaha! 

This one is my favorite! :)

We had monkey rolls for Kate's birthday breakfast. 

 We've learned from experience that Candles melt when put in hot monkey rolls, so the candle is propped up in her cup! LOL!

 She got the Moana soundtrack...

...and a beautifully written and illustrated book called Moana and the Ocean.


We really like to drag out birthdays around here, so we had a palm tree pinata filled with fruit leather that night! 

Happy birthday Kate! You're a spunky little cutie we couldn't live without!

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