Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Welcome to Camp JoJo!

 Josie will turn 7 next week!! WOW! I know!
I can't believe it's been that long!

When we asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday she said take her friends camping! Although I adore that answer and would have loved to take a few of her friends camping in the south hills, I realized she's only 7. So we chose to do an backyard "camp-out" instead.  

Here are the invites...they turned out really fun!

Yesterday is was 86 degrees and beautiful, but it's Idaho, so you can't count on the weather!
Today of course it decided to blow like crazy and the temperature was 52 degrees and dropping when the party started.  But it all worked out! We set up the fire in the workshop and the kids still wanted to play outside for most of the evening!

 After roast hot dogs and eating they played in the dark upstairs with their glow flashlights and made more noise than I knew 6 kids were capable of!

A random close up of Rhett looking very stunning! Hahaha.

Next they wanted to do the outdoor scavenger hunt! I thought they'd want to stay inside to do it, but they were all for playing it up in the crazy weather!

Ty said to tell you the grass is in the process of coming in so withhold your judgement!


 Then it was time for presents and to warm up a little!

And pierced ears and 3 sets of fancy earrings from Mom and Dad.

"Are you excited?" She squealed, "YEAH! What do you think?"

After that they soaked in the tub and jumped on the tramp!

Just chillin'!

 Now it was time for the bonfire birthday cake!

Josie loves brownies so I came up with a Flamin' brownie cake with cookie dough filling!


 Since we were "camping" we used matches for candles and everyone thought that was fun, but we had to rush the end of the happy birthday song before the ganache melted and the cake caught fire! LOL! It didn't help that Dad used a blowtorch to light the matches!

We finished it up with s'mores and called it a night!

It turned out great--regardless of the uncooperative weather--and everyone had soooo much fun! 

 The aftermath! Not too shabby!

And that's a wrap! One happy girl and one happy mama!


Josie we're so proud of you! You are so fun and kind and silly and so incredibly independent! I know seven will look good on you! We love you!

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