Sunday, May 7, 2017

Shakedown Trip to the South Hills

All 7 of us love to go camping as much as possible and we're not getting any smaller any time soon so over the month we decided it was time to get a bigger camper. We were also hauling doubles every time we brought the atvs ...which was challenging over long distances. 

So we upgraded to a two year newer, several foot longer toy hauler fifth wheel. If you know of anyone looking for a smaller fifth wheel click here! 😏

It's already muddy from our trip!

  We're excited to take it on lots of camping trips this summer!

But first here's some of the fun we had this weekend on our "shake down" trip aka make sure everything works before you get too far from home!

Here's a few fun pictures of Rhett because he is pretty darn cute!

 A little nap in the sun! Quite comfortable really!

 They spent all morning exploring and splashing in water and making mud pies and now they are ready to ride!

Yup that looks like snow!

I caught a GREEEEAAAT big one!

Quite relaxing!
Many more trips to come!

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