Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sleight European Adventures 2017: USA and Keflavik, Iceland

We flew out of Twin Falls, stopped in SLC, Utah and San Jose, California before boarding our plane to Iceland!

We stumbled across a yummy malaysian restaurant before we left the bay area! We tried this dish over coconut rice and so glad we did!

While we were waiting to catch the train I found Mr. Manchas, a zootopia character, in my raincoat pocket, so I decided to take pictures of him in every country we visited. First up California...because it's really like it's own country. :)

Ty said slept this way the entire 8 hour overnight flight. The two Dramamine I took may have caused a little more drowsiness than intended! LOL!

The AirBnb we stayed at in Keflavik was so cute! We loved it!


 And they even supplied you with a free dog to pet!

I loved the fridge and dishwasher!

We wandered around town and found this place to eat lunch!

And sure enough, a few people had heard of Idaho! 


 Just a little nutrition nerd moment! Bear with me...

Funnily enough, everything on the menu was called something Olsen. Skinku Olsen, Lamba Olsen, Beikon Olsen..."and Ols Olsen, he vas dare too"! 

The fish sandwich and fried egg bacon burger were good! 
 The owner of the house said this is the coldest and windiest day they have had in a long time.
Go Figure! 
But we still did our fair share of exploring.
The best chocolate we had the whole trip was from a cute little store in Keflavik.

Ty left his hat at the house so he rocked mine for the afternoon! Stylish! 

If the weather had been nicer, I could have enjoyed a good long workout overlooking the coast!

 In honor of my people!

We spend the evening at the local hot springs and ate at a local Thai place where the seafood was amazing!

The daylight here is so odd. After heading to bed at 9pm, I recall waking up at 12:45am and it still being light out. We set our alarms for 4am to catch our flight and it was light again then. So less than 3 hours of darkness in the entire day and it was still more than a month away from the summer solstice!

Apparently two hours early for the flight was about an hour too much. Surprisingly there were several others in line too!  

A fun mural in the KEF airport before we flew out!
 Off to Dublin!!

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