Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in Idaho

This year for Christmas we wanted to simplify things. We tried to focus on the Savior and service.

Lucy our kindness cookies stopped by a few times during the month to help us do meaningful things for others, such as making dinner for the missionaries, and taking treats to people that worked around the holidays and a few more!

And of course we got to see Santa!

Kate decided the first reindeer was found with Adam and Eve! Hahaha!

We had the chance to go to a live Nativity the Monday before Christmas as well, which was a really fun neat experience for the family!

On Christmas Eve I worked during the day and then we headed to our friends Paul and Paula's for Seafood Fest! Soooo good and great time together! One of our favorite Christmas Traditions!

When we got home, we read the Christmas story and Twas the Night Before Christmas and sprinkled our reindeer food and sparkles on the lawn. Ty texted Santa our door code so he could get in, per Josie's request! :)

Ty had to work that night! Poor Ty!

Ty got home just before 8 that morning, only a few minutes after everyone woke up!

It may be a coincidence that Rhett looks like he has horns, but I think it was meant to be! :)

Rhett's first Christmas! He loved the things Santa brought!

Helping Rhett open his presents.

He loves his Whack-a-Mole Workbench and Tool set!

We usually always have Monkey Rolls for Christmas breakfast, but this year I decided to make Deluxe French Toast with Cream Cheese and Caramel Sauce! It was a big hit!

Since our main Christmas is going to be our Caribbean Cruise, the girls each got their very own suitcase!

After all that Ty went to sleep and the rest of us played play-doh and made Gingerbread Houses and went on one of Lucy's adventures!

That night the girls got to sleep under the tree! Ty carried them all along on the "train" before bed!

It was a great SIMPLE Christmas! So grateful we could focus so much more on the Savior and this wonderful season of his birth!

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