Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Break - Pink Coral Sand Dunes

Even before Rhett was born, Ty's family had planned a four wheeling trip to Southern Utah. I told him that he could go and take the girls with him, if Rhett was born any less than a week and a half before the trip.

Well since Rhett was born on March 18th, on April 8th, Rhett was just 3 weeks old. I decided to go with and I'm glad that we did! There were a couple of rides that Rhett and I or the girls skipped and relaxed on our patio swing or took naps, but all in all it was a great, relaxing trip. Leslie joined us with her kiddos, since she lives down there and is never one to pass up an opportunity for fun! I didn't get any pictures, but Peggy and Russ, Ty's aunt and uncle were there with us too!

I'm not sure what's going on with my pictures, but they are in no particular order...which makes sense, right? {Insert sarcasm}

But hey it's extra fun that way!!! You'll be so surprised to see what the next image is! :)

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