Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

These are the valentines we made for the family.

On Valentines Day we started a tradition of having a fun family date at Balanced Rock State Park. It was beautiful weather!!

I think going out to dinner on Valentine's Day is nice, but there are only a few options and its all way over priced. So this year I decided to make our date at home. I found a fun idea and asked Ty hypothetically what country he would like to visit for Valentine's Day.

I thought we might say something easy like Italy, or even a little more challenging, France, or Spain. Nope! Not Ty!
Scandinavia!! He came up with Scandinavia!

But that didn't deter me.

I spent the few days before getting it planned out. 

I love to cook so I spent the late afternoon  whipping up a big surprise. We had fed the girls early and let them play on the Kindle while we had our Date!

 We ended up at Moe's Restaurant in Stockholm Sweden and had some of the best spare ribs I've ever had in my life!! 

I researched and came up with the menu and made everything listed - except for the soup, since Ty chose salad anyway ;) Oh and he picked the Chocolate Cream pots for dessert, which was a good choice, since that's all they had left!
After dinner we exchanged presents. This was the other part of the surprise. A fun trip just for the two of us to San Fran! Ty's always wanted to take me there so I booked us a flight! 

A year's worth of Travel Destinations to choose together!
A wonderful Valentine's Day for sure! And who says you can't "fly" when you're eight months pregnant!~

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