Friday, November 28, 2014

So Grateful!

This year Ty had to work on Thanksgiving so we stayed here and had a small family meal together. Since we raised turkeys again we got one smoked for the big day.

The girls and I spend the day cooking (my favorite pastime) while Ty slept and after he woke up we went on a fun hike. 

After we got bag everything was ready!! YUM!!

 Fruit medley pie, pumpkin and my signature crustless pecan pie, per Ty's request.

So grateful for these 3 crazies!!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I absolutely love it! (It helps that I was also born that day!)
I'm so grateful for our little family, a new baby coming in the spring, our cute little house and the beautiful area that we live in. I'm incredibly grateful for our Savior and our eternal potential. 

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