Friday, July 26, 2013

Sawtooth Relay 2013: Team Enigma

Ty signed up to run the Sawtooth Relay this year with a bunch of friends at that he works with at the hospital. It's 62 miles from Stanley to Ketchum, ID with 6 people per team. I volunteered to help with the exchanges which worked out really well. We headed up to Stanley Friday night and stayed with David Johnson at this cabin. We headed out to Stanley Lake, took a drive up Nip and Tuck road and cooked some burgers. We stayed up way too late, but it was fun! They started early Saturday at 5:45 am, but some groups started at midnight! 

Jake photo bombing our picture! ;)

 The whole crew! Amanda, Lexi, Jake, Ty, David and Roger
 And he's off

Ty's favorite run of the day. Brisk and beautiful.

Jake chugging up Galena Summit! Rock On!

...And David ran down the hill.

Woot Woot! 
 Team Enigma!

 Jake finishing it up with the rest of the team.

It took them 9 hours and 18 mins, an average of 9 min mile. AWESOME JOB EVERYONE!

After the race was over, we ate a delicious lunch at Atkinson Park and headed up to Frenchman Bend Hot Springs with Jake and Lexi.

We had a wonderful weekend. Whose up for next year?

Thanks Katie was watching the girls.

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  1. Nice work Ty.....and way to be a super supporter Melissa! Looks like you had lots of fun!