Friday, July 26, 2013

Josie's Tumbling Recital

If you remember back, I posted about Josie starting a tumbling class. Click here for a refresher! The beginning of June she had her Dance recital.

Paul came to watch, but Paula couldn't make it as she was in SF with Tyler.  

She was so surprised to see all the people watching her! She was the first one out on stage and just stood there! It was so cute!

 These are her backward somersaults!
 The "Bear Walk"

 Her favorite move is the bridge, but the frog jumps are up there!

I was dreading the part when she did the crab walk. She goes so slow, it's painful! In fact in most of the practices she didn't even move. Of course she went even slower because she kept having to look at the audience. She was going so slow the girl behind her thought she was doing a bridge.  It was so hilarious! I was laughing so hard I was crying. Josie thought the laughing was great and giggled along with everyone. 

 Since she isn't in any other dance classes, she was the only one in pink at the Finale, but she didn't care! She was still so enthralled with all the people that she just stood there looking cute!

 We're so proud of you Josie! You worked so hard and did so good!