Monday, April 8, 2013

Southern Utah 4x4

This last week was spring break for my Mother-in-Law who teaches school, so Ty's family decided to take a trip south...where else? For some reason we always gravitate to warm weather! 

I was off Thursday and Friday so the girls and I got everything packed and ready to go when Dad came home from work. We drove to Orem, Friday night and left for St. George Saturday morning. After several stops for bathroom and lunch and perceived wrong turns, we found a nice area. One problem was the sand that had drifted over the road! We got through with our truck no problem, but Ty's dad and the toy hauler got bogged down. After Ty tried to pull him out, we hooked up the RZR to Ty's truck, which was tied to his Dad's truck. It worked really well! Ty's brother Ian met us there just after that and Ty pulled him car through like a lightweight sled. :)

We found a great place to play and set up camp. After talking to another guy that was passing by, there was another way in without so much sand covering the road. Of course this was the way I originally took everyone...hence the perceived wrong turns! :)  Tandi and Eric and their family met us there late Saturday night after much "hide and seek" in the city of Hurricane. Who knew they had 2 air strips in a city that small? Haha.

Apparently Ty was leading them back in the dark and spun a brodie's and got a sweet bruise on his ankle. I've never seen him bruise like that, I thought it was only me that turned dark purple! (Of course I didn't find this out until after we were home from the trip and it looks even worse now!)

Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny somehow managed to find where The Sleights and Nevills were camping! And boy was he generous! :) Josie was so excited, the night before it took all she had to finally fall asleep. She loved looking for the treats and eggs and playing with a few of her toys!

Josie, pointing to her Easter Basket on the counter!

 Even Kate managed to find a chocolate egg! Thanks McKaela!

We got the girls dressed and drove to church. After sacrament meeting we headed to my friend Leslie and Josh's house to catch up and let Josie hunt for a few more eggs. She loved playing out in the yard with Braxton and Boston.  

That afternoon Ian lead Ty, Josie and I to the Dinosaur Tracks monument. I thought Josie would love to see them, but before we even got there she was out!
 I guess staying up so late the night before finally took it's toll on her. Ian couldn't believe she stayed alseep through the whole ride! Haha!

Josie loved to ride her own 4 wheeler, but thought it was even better to go with Mom, Dad or MaKaela and Maddi. 

 Leslie, Braxton and Boston came out to play with us on Monday and we had a great time! 

Typical girl...sunbathing! Typical boy...revving the engine! Where do you think they learned this? :)

Josie was very determined to get on the wheeler all by herself! No that's not a stain on her undies, just a little red sand! Haha! Why doesn't she have pants on, you ask?  That's our Josie! 

Josie LOVED spending time with Aunt Tandi and Uncle Eric.

That afternoon it started to rain just a bit and I got some neat pictures.

 Cocoa loved all the attention! Yeah right!

Of course the fire looked really neat too and I couldn't resist trying out some new settings...I really need to learn more about how to adjust all the features on this camera!

Tuesday after Tandi's family left, Ty's parents took the girls in the RZR (aka Ruby) and I drove with Ty on the wheeler (aka Max).  :)  We went for a couple of hours and were able to do a chunk of the Honeymoon Trail before we headed back! It was a fun trail.

Josie must have seen me filling up the tires, because she was sure her wheeler needed more air! hehe!

We packed up and headed back to Orem. 

 To kill time on the way home Josie wanted all of our pictures to be taken.

 This was a beautiful rainbow in Fillmore.

The next day we were going to stop by the Tulip Festival, but it hadn't started yet, so we went to Red Butte Gardens in SLC instead. It was lots of fun!

Thanks everyone for a great time! Love you all and Happy Easter!


  1. Ah, you guys, always playing in the dirt. You have too much fun.

  2. The 4 wheeler is "Raz" not max and your directions may have worked, but we will never know will we?