Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love is in the Air!

So this year for Valentine's Day we had a lot of fun! Of course Josie and Kate were having a party at daycare so I made some super cute Homemade Valentines. They ended up looking awesome! Josie was so excited to take them to her party! As Ty dropped the girls off, she proudly carried her tray of goodies into her classroom. :) 

The note says: "Let's Stick Together!" In case you aren't sure what they are, they are called Candy Kabobs. Of course I'm a terrible dietitian and only thought of giving out mini boxes of stickers instead of candy after I'd made them.  Oh've got to live a little, right! ;)

Josie got a Love Bug handband and some "Scratch and Sniff" stickers and thought it was hilarious to try it on Summer...who was not ammused! :)

These are just a few pics of Josie and Kate during and after their baths/showers! Josie absolutely loves Kate! Maybe a little too much somedays! :)

A few days later we decided to take everyone up to the South Hills and go snowshoeing/sledding. 
We didn't have the best luck! 

Josie was super crabby the whole time, which made Ty crabby too!  But Kate and I didn't mind at fact Kate slept the whole time.  

 Josie is definitely a warm weather/water girl and doesn't care for much snow.
I wonder where she gets that trait from??? ;)

 Here are a few more of Kate.

Looking back at these now I can't believe how much lighter her hair is today than when these were taken! 

 Of course she's never willing to smile for the camera. You little squirt!

Saturday night Ty took me to a Valentine's Day Murder Mystery at a place here in town. When he picked up the tickets, he called me and asked, "Did you know we have to dress up for this stupid thing?!" Hahaha. I wasn't sure if we had to or not, but it was quite amusing. It was a Roarin' 20s theme. I got all the costumes ready and somewhat begrudgingly, Ty took me out for our first date since Kate was born. I guess we really don't go out that much! 
The whole thing was set up to look like a Speak Easy. 

Ty ended up playing the part of the local Barber 'Alfred Miller.

I was 'Addie Austin' the up and coming entertainer still in high school! Ha!

It ended up being a really fun time (I knew it would be!) Ty even had a lot of fun and we met some new friends that really made it a great evening!  We will definitely be going back for another event!

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