Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So I'm sitting in my office at work typing this post (off the clock of course). It's been a while, hasn't it? Well here's the story. Internet at our old house was great, but occasionally a little slow when watching psych or something, 5 mbps for $43/month right? Well, I guess that's something we forgot to consider at our NEW house...the only speed they have available is 1.5 Mbps. Gasp!! That would be fine if we could get it for $19 or something. They wanted $59/month (with a 6 mo contract)!!! NOT HAPPENING. So we stuck it to the man!! They kept telling us they were getting fiber optic and it would be up and running mid March. That would be speeds up to 6-12 Mbps. YIPEE!!

Well that hasn't happened yet! "Two more weeks" they keep saying. So we found the same lousy speed for $30 and gave in after two months of no Internet. But they're not installing it until next week so here I sit. You're probably thinking they have smart phone and it's no biggie to go without Internet, right? Nope! Only dumb phones here! j/k. But we did have a few mins to check our Internet at work. Otherwise no luck. In fact to E-file our taxes we brought the laptop into work and sat in the lobby while they uploaded. AWESOME! And who has time to drive to work every time they want to use the Internet. Well anyways life should be back to normal soon. Strange how much we rely on things like the Internet daily!!

Life in our new house is great. However for the first 2 weeks or so it was a little rough! The guy we bought the house from apparently used it only as a summer home. Which would be awesome, as the deck is as big as the garage! Also it had been about 7-8 months since it was occupied. But since we moved in the middle of January there were somethings that didn't work just right. Like the pellet stove. Ty spent forever trying to get it to warm the house, since heating oil is SOOO expensive! Finally after calling the repairman and getting told it would be at least a week before he could make it out, Ty hot wired it so it would stay on.  It's been working well since then, but does accumulate a bit of black residue on the glass that has to be scraped off. One of these days we'll get the repairman out to fix it for good.

Also the water heater didn't really want to work. After 2 days of very-quick-not-so-hot showers Ty replaced the heating element and now it works like a champ!

Of course we can't forget the drive way with all it's puddles of mud. The ward we were moving into had a regional fast for moisture the weekend we chose to move! Hehehe! I joked that their faith is stronger than ours, because even though we prayer for good weather, the buckets of rain won out! It poured rain for 3 days straight!! The driveway was like quicksand. Ty drove on it once and decided that was not happening. So all of the vehicles, moving van, etc had to park on the street and hauling everything across the front yard and in the front door. In fact the chest freezer-which was supposed to end up in the garage at the end of the driveway-was put on the porch and all of the food loaded back into it. Well there it sits, lounging in the shade of the porch, looking a little ridiculous, but oh well! After about 1.5 weeks and parking on the side of the road, we called the gravel company and asked them to deliver 15 yards of gravel. Well of course they said it was too wet to drive their trucks down our driveway...they would get stuck. Well a few days later it finally dried out and they came. We need about twice as much more, but that will do for now. Murphy's law   has it beat! It's been almost totally dry since! :)

The dishwasher door seal wasn't working and each time we ran a load of dishes it would leak. Luckily (we thought) my mom helped us with hand washing all the dishes we used for the 5 days she was here. Sigh...but when Ty went downstairs to turn up the water heater he found the drain pipe from the sink had come loose and was once again filling up our basement, however much slower this time. He also got that fixed right away. Ty couldn't figure out what was wrong with the dishwasher after several attempts and we called the repairman. Ty said it took him 10 mins to fix it and a whole lot a cash! :( 

BUT!!! Other than those things the house has been great!
We love the country!!! Seeing all the stars at night and the lights across the canyon is dreamy!! We love to sit out on our deck and grilled some kabobs the other day. It was soooo nice! Can't wait for more warm weather!

Even though it's been a lot of stress, the peace of where we live is unbeatable!

 We redid the kitchen before we moved in. It was blue tile, yellow and "home depot" orange walls and old brown cabinets. So I talked Ty into letting me refinish-aka "paint" the cabinets and painting the walls. It looks awesome. You can see a little of it in this picture! I think it's my favorite room in the house, which is good because I love to cook! I'd post a complete redo later!

Josie was helping me make whole wheat pancake mix. My half apron is more like a dress on her!
We're still putting all the finishing touches on the everything which will take a lot of time and more money than we have now, but someday it will be decorated just how we want!   Here's a little peak for now.

In our old house, Ty's Grandma Tingey handmade a beautiful horse quilt for us that we decorated our old bedroom around. But, I've always wanted a nice bedspread "set" and had somethings already for the new master bedroom Ty was building in our basement. Well...I found this that well with the walls and the pillows perfectly! Love it! NO DOGS ALLOWED ON THE BED!! :)

I saw this cute fabric in a JoAnn's flyer and it matched the new bedspread perfect so I bought all they had and whipped up these bad babies! They are awesome! We bought brown blackout curtains for the patio doors that I patterned them after.

We moved our SUPER heavy water bed into the den instead of the upstairs bedroom  for questionable safety reasons and now we have a huge master bedroom with a fireplace! Just what I always wanted! :) It opens up to the patio which is also nice. But it's also kind of our family room with sitting area and TV. Ty made a sweet double decker closet and there is a nice spot for my shoe racks. I guess we are forced to keep it clean. There is no door yet, but I'm envisioning these barn style doors, which will be awesome.

Well of course the rest of our life has been as busy as ever. We found a new babysitter for Josie since our other one was ~1 hour away (round trip). She loves it there! There is so much to do and lots of kids to play with all day. She definitely wears herself out by the time she gets home!

Here are a few pics of the other stuff that we've been up to lately.

A friend's precious baby boy!

Paul and Paula at the Idaho Caucus. 

 Josie is learning how to take her own nose pics, Mom!

 Josie had a sleepover the night when Ty and I went skiing with Paula last week. She stayed with her friend Hadley and they had tons of fun!
 Grimace!!! I love character outfits! We saw these guys, the Ham Burglar too on our way back from Clover Leaf Ice Cream with my brother. 

Josie loves cows and she wants to stop every time we drive by them...which is impossible! :)

There's no tub, so Josie now loves her Showers instead. However there is a bump out that she loves to sit on and play with her toys while it's "raining".

Josie at the park in Filer.

Like Josie like Doggie! She did this herself! 

Ty has been spending TONS of time working on getting the old house ready to sell. :)
He had to replace the whole water line unexpectedly, but it's coming along...slowly.

 Ty's sister asked us to watch her chocolate lab for 6 months while they moved temporarily to Alabama. It's been a challenge, but it's a good thing he really likes playing outside all day! :)
I found this Halloween costume at DI for $3 and Josie loves it! I guess you could say we now have 5 doggies running around our place! Yikes! :)

 Josie caught sneaking Oreos!

Ty and I went with our friend's Jill and Chris to a local event called Death By Chocolate for Valentine's. It was fun, but not what I expected at all!  A little crazy! These were little hamburgers made of fudge, nilla wafers, strawberries and mint. YUM!


  1. No dogs allowed on the bed huh? I wonder how long that will last????

  2. How fun!!! Even though some things sound pretty frustrating I think its going to be great for you guys!! I can't wait to come out and see it. :)

  3. Wow! You guys have definitely been busy. I can imagine no Internet being odd, after always having it. Ty better build the dogs their own bed so they stay off yours By the time we make it up to see your house it better be all decorated just how you want it! ;)

  4. ANOTHER DOG!!!!???!!! Are you NUTS? YOU ARE NUTS! Thanks for the buger picture, loved that!