Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas at Home

Christmas came very quickly this year. Here's a few pics of the month of December. 

 Josie liked this one the most...well so did Mommy, but that's besides the point!

Waiting for Santa Claus to come!

Well this year we decided to stay here. Ty was going to have to work, but since he changed to his night shifts he had the whole week off. 

My parents just showed up one day about 2 weeks before Christmas to spend some time with us and watch Josie open her presents. She loved them! Four days before Christmas Ty's parents came and spent a couple of days with us as well. They gave Josie a new Husky pup for Christmas. His name is Jingle.

Just kidding. It's a stuffed animal that barks when you say certain words from it's book.

So Christmas Eve we went over to our friend Paul and Paula's house for a lobster fest! This has been a tradition at their house for a while and we have not been able to go in the past. It was so much fun...tons of good food...awesome friends. Paula made baked brie for appetizer that I absolutely loved. We had a pomegranate, pear and feta cheese salad that was super yummy too! But you could not believe how much seafood they had. They had fresh lobster, king crab legs, bay scallops, shrimp cocktail, etc. It was a lot of fun to spend Christmas Eve at their house! 

After we got home, Josie opened one present...Grover's 'Twas the night before Christmas, which we read...and off to bed. Ty and I read the Real Christmas Story after Josie was asleep.

We started a tradition at our house a few years ago that if we were at our own house for Christmas we would camp out in front of the Christmas Tree and fall asleep watching the lights and ornaments twinkle. Kind of dreamy, huh?!

I can honestly say this is the 1st year I've slept in past 6 am in over 15 years. Christmas morning Josie was our alarm clock and we got about just before 8 am and found the Santa presents and stockings. 

 This yellow book is Josie's quiet book I finished late Christmas Eve. More to come on that later. 

 She thought all of the stockings were hers!

 Sweet Mom and Dad got another toothbrush I can steal!!

 Josie didn't want to change out of her Christmas Pajamas so we put on her tutu from Grandma and off we went. People kept asking where we got that adorable outfit at? Ty thought it was so funny!

Josie spent the rest of the morning opening all the presents. She even opened our presents. She would squeal and get so excited every time! 

We invited over a houseful of people for Christmas dinner and I helped Ty roast a prime rib. This roasting pan was a present from him to me, although I picked it out myself! Thanks!
The food and company was soooo good! 

Merry Christmas to all!! 

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  1. What is it with kids and toothbrushes? We have to hide our's from our daughter! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Oh and congrats on your new house.