Friday, May 27, 2011

The Wonderful Month of May

May has been a very exciting far. The first weekend I participated in an open house for our brand new hospital! It is soooo pretty! We moved in May 21 and it's been so nice. The thing that I'm the most excited for is our awesome new outpatient nutrition office! YEAH!! It's so much bigger than the old place. I'm definitely racking up the miles on the fitbit! Here are a few of pictures of the new place!

Main lobby

MV 17


MV 9

elevator lights

St. Luke's Main Entrance

The next week was one of the best ever! Ty's graduation from X-Ray School was Friday, the 13th. Hahaha! This date perfectly represents the last two years. Both mine and Ty's family came in to town. It was fun having everyone there!

I know this pic is blurry, but I love Ty's face! This is when he is in the processional and our friend Paul shouts out, "Way to go, now get a job!" Priceless!

Here's another awesome reaction!

This is Simone Nebeker, a friend and classmate of Ty's.

Even Josie was clapping for Daddy!


Afterwards we ordered dessert at Ty's favorite pie place in Twin, The Depot Grill! YUM!

Just the girls playing that night.

The next day the whole fam went to see the amazing falls, while I stayed and finished Josie's birthday cake. They have never been this full since we've been here! WOW!

This is further up stream, Cauldron Linn. It is truly amazing!

So Josie loves her bathtub, so obviously for her first birthday I had to make a bathtub cake.

Party hats for everyone!

Roll up those sleeves!

...What is this?!

Sugar Rush!

Ava likes it too!

Boston helping Josie with the bubbles!

Beautiful party dress from grandma! Thanks!

A super cute skirt Aunt Lo made! As you can see Paul has been helping! :)

More to come for Josie's first year!

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