Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thoughts from a New Mom

Here are just a few thoughts I've had about Josie these last two weeks I've been a mom.

*She can sleep through a freight train! Not even the dogs fighting and barking, the door bell ringing, vacuuming or changing her clothes will wake her up. She only wakes up for baths, diaper changes (sometimes) and feeding (most of the time).

*She must be having some pretty funny, interesting, and awe inspiring dreams. When I'm watching her sleep she makes the most hilarious faces I've ever seen.

*She knows when I'm going to change her diaper and waits til I'm just finished to soil another one! Of course as she's doing this more funny faces appear.

*She thinks 9 pm to midnight is playtime! Although she is getting better at this and last night slept four hours at a time!

*She HATES to sleep flat on her back, doesn't matter where. She also likes to wear hats to bed. She will always fall asleep in her car seat, whether she is moving in the car, stroller or just sitting on the floor.

*She always get this "milk drunk" (as Ty calls it) look on her face after she's done feeding. Very entertaining!

* I used to think she liked baths, but I think she was just too asleep to realize what was happening. Now she screams the whole time. Lots of fun!

*But snugging in the towel afterward is one of her favorite times.

*Changing pad covers are ridiculous! She's peed on it at least 5-6 times already. Not really worth it, if you ask me.

*Somehow she manages to get her socks off every time she takes a nap, within minutes of lying down.

*She loves doggie kisses and licks! :)


  1. soooo cute! Keep the pics coming

  2. What a cutie! It sounds like things are going well!

  3. I'm glad she loves doggie kisses and licks, since I'm sure she'll get a lot. The pictures are cute! Hopefully our baby will be getting here soon. :)

  4. Congrats! She is so cute and I'm glad that she sleeps so well!

  5. Babies are wonderful! Congrats again!

  6. Hey Melissa! I don't know if you remember me. We lived behind Jeff and Karen in Hurricane. ANyway, I found your blog from Leslie's and thought I would tell you congrats and your little one is so adorable! Our blog is private, but send me an email and I will get you an invite.

    Keep in touch!

  7. She is ADORABLE!!! You are too funny :)

    Oh, remember those pads that I gave you that you asked me what they were and I told you they were diapers that I used for burp cloths? Well now I remember that I would lay one of those on TOP of the changing pad cover to catch the pee. That way I only had to wash those and not change the whole cover...

  8. I am glad you are enjoying your little one. She sounds like a delight!