Sunday, November 8, 2009

Standing for Virtue

This last Friday the Young Women in our ward had the opportunity to go to Salt Lake City for the day, as a reward for reading the Book of Mormon in 100 days and completing the Virtue Value Project.

It was quite the day! There were five cars with 18 girls and 7 leaders. We made it nearly to Centerville when the lead car's rear driver's side tire started smoking and blew off. I was driving just behind them and saw what was going on and started to pull over. The girls in the car were quite startled and even a few screamed. Luckily we were in the carpool lane and we were all able to move over quickly.

Unfortunately changing the tire did not go nearly as quickly. Tony's, the driver, jack didn't work quite right and after trying a few of ours without much success for ~45 minutes, a State Trooper pulled over and offered the use of a 2.5 ton floor jack, which took about 3 minutes to get it lifted, changed and back on the ground. Luckily the tire they had was a real tire and not just a doughnut so that saved us some time in not having to get it fixed.

Afterwards we went to the Centerville Target to get Tony a change of clothes. Well after that adventure we headed to temple square for the rest of our day. It was a beautiful day!
Our first stop was the Lion House Pantry for lunch. It was really yummy! Thanks Larissa for posing! :)

After that we headed over to the Beehive House for a tour. I don't remember having been there before but everything was so beautiful!!! Ty really would have appreciated all the amazing wood work inside.

After that we had a few minutes before we had an appointment at the Relief Society Building, so we were able to take a few pictures by the Reflecting Pools, at the Christus and see some of the beautiful new brides as they came out of the temple.

One of our leaders is good friends with Sister Ann M Dib's (2nd Counselor in the General YW Board) son and daughter-in-law and was able to get us organized to visit with a couple of the members of the General Young Women's Board, Sister Rosemary K. Wixom and Sister Karen J. Ashton, and to give us a tour of the building.

One of the neatest parts was in one of the rooms they had books of all the members of the church who donated money for the building to be built. I wasn't able to look for any of my family members, but one woman, possibly Ty's Great Aunt, Eliza Longhurst, from the 1st Ward in the Shelley, Idaho Stake was in one of the books. Ty's Grandma Letha Longhurst Tingey was from Shelley originally and it is possible that was her sister.

We were able to go up to the General Young Women's Offices and each girl got their picture taken in Sister Dalton's chair wearing a beautiful crown. It was really neat!! Then we went into their Board Meeting Room. It had the Young Women's theme up in big lettering on the north wall and we all linked arms and recited the theme. It was really neat.

They gave up all bookmarks of the 100% challenge. On the back it looked like this:
Run to the temple!
We thought it was cute!

The spirit was so strong in these two women, they literally sparkled. They were both able to sign our Banner of Virtue and gave us all hugs as we left. Sister Ashton calls herself a "hugaholic". They were so thrilled we had come and spent time there and were so grateful for our commitment to the gospel!
After we left there we head up north of the Capitol Building and did our Virtue Hike to the top of Ensign Peak. It was great! It was a little windy at the top but it was really neat. (For those of you who don't know, Sister Dalton, the YW Pres, and her two counselors, Sister Cook and Sister Dib hike up there for the introduction of the newest value Virtue. Our Bishop bore his testimony that we are all Ensigns and Examples of the Believers.

After our hike our last stop was at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to watch the movie "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. It was the most amazing movie I have ever seen. I have such a stronger testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and all that the early saints endured and endured well to follow Heavenly Father and his Son and to bring to pass the restoration of the gospel for us today.

If any of you get the chance to see that movie please do!! It was soooooo powerful. I have never felt the spirit testify so strongly to me of the reality of the Book of Mormon and the Joseph Smith.
We headed home after that and didn't get home until midnight, but I think that was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had and pray I will always remember the feelings I felt that day.


  1. Glad that you enjoyed yourself. When you were on Ensign peak, did you turn north and wave at where Ty woudl be? No Eliza on Karen's side.They were all slackers!

  2. That sounds like the BEST YW Activity ever! So amazing!