Friday, July 31, 2009

Lake Powell 2009

Well I finally have a minute to blog about our annual trip to Lake Powell. It was a blast! We were able to spend all of last week there. We drove down on Monday and got camp a little bit setup and had to take a swim break with the dogs so they wouldn’t get too hot. Shortly after that, about 2 pm, the rain and winds picked. Ty and the dogs and I all hung out in the water for a few minutes. When it got worse, however we went into the motor home and watched Fern Gully. It rained for quite a while. Later than night it was still cool and the rain and wind had stopped so it was wonderful setting up the rest of our camp site. Tuesday most of the rest of Ty’s family and our friends Leslie and her son Braxton were able to join us. It was great having everyone there! The rest of the week was hot, sunny and beautiful with hardy any wind! Thanks to Ty's faith!

Here’s a few pictures that we got. Sorry there aren’t too many of us on the water, but you know after several years those pictures all start to look the same. I will get a picture of Ty’s back flip on the air chair…just as soon as he lands it and holds on to the rope! : ) What can I say he's the best 'air chairer' I know!

The dogs cuddling on the ride down.

Scratch hurt his tail on the way down so he was a bit mopey for the first day or two but after that his tail was upright as usual. Braxton is just as curious as usual.

The best way to wash your hair...hook your feet in the handles, lay back and voila!!

Sniff is helping as I wash my hair!

For our lunch Ty and I made yummy crab quesadillas, lemonade and watermelon. Mmm!

All of us!

My job was excavator and man did I do a fine job at it! :)

Built on a great foundation! Ha!

Our sweet sand castle. I don't know how those people who make the sand sculptures do it. This was a lot of work!

Tandi was assigned to cook breakfast one morning. It was very good, but I felt bad for the clean up crew! haha!!

Any of you who know Karen knows she LOVES to play games and Lake Powell is the ideal setting as the potential playees have too far to run and hide. :) It was lots of fun!

Sand Mountain was great. We all made it to the top, but I think it was shorter this year than last year.

Ty and I bunny hopped down the hill and here's me doing a variation of the tuck and roll.

On the way home we had a little adventure just before we got to Panquitch.

One's better than two, right! The last time we drove to Lake Powell we had two flat tires!! It's just so stinking hot!!

Ty grudgingly agreed to take our pictures in Beaver where we fixed the flat on the way home. I love this chair. It even rocks back and forth too!

We all got great tans, wore ourselves out on the skis, wake board, wake skate, air chair, and tubes. Even the dogs had a blast. We often had to encourage them to swim in the water to cool off a bit, but they loved playing fetch and swimming around. Until next year!! :)


  1. Thanks again for letting me come hang out! It was a blast--we'll make sure and get Josh there next year!

  2. Your trip looks like so much fun! My favorite part about the whole post though is that you went inside and watched Fern Gully, I laughed outloud when I pictured Ty watching Fern Gully.

  3. Looks like a fun trip. To bad about the flat tire and rain. Still looks like you took advantage of the nice weather you did have. And the foundation of that sand castle looks great.