Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Well this weekend's trip was kind of a last minute one. Ty and I both had Monday off, so we wanted to go camping. I've been bugging Ty a lot lately about teaching me how to mountain bike, so we got everything ready Friday night and bought a map of the South Hills from the Ranger Station. Saturday morning we headed out of town, to a place about 40 miles from our house and I got to decide the camping spot. There is a really neat area that we had never heard of called Shoshone Basin near Rogerson. And of course it can't be a camping trip without a little adventure. So for adventure # 1...

Ty found this really steep road I guess he thought looked like a promising campsite, so he headed up it. Mind you the last picture shows how narrow the road was with trees all around. Well about a mile up it, we found those two fallen trees across the road. And since Ty doesn't have a chain saw - something I will never hear the end of - he had to back the truck AND the camp trailer back down the hill, nearly 3/4 of the way. Finally he was able to find a spot to turn around. The dogs were so wet we had them ride in the bed until we found a campsite.

Next comes adventure #2...
We we driving on a dirt road past a large group of people and dogs,which was normal, but they were all staring at us. That happens a lot but these were looking at us like we were from the MOON! Seriously!! Well we just kept driving up the hill and at one point Ty looks back in the bed and says, "There's two dogs back there, right?" I could only see Scratch so I had him stop so I could get out and see where Sniff was. Apparently Ty could tell by the look on my face that he was no longer in the bed with Scratch. I looked around didn't really know what to do. Do I grab my bike out and go back looking for him? Just start running back to check where he might be? Then I look back down the road and see Sniff running as fast as he can, legs churning and dust behind him trying to catch up. I'm not sure how long he had been running or why he even jumped out for that matter, but he was sure hustling to keep up. Ty and I didn't really know what to do, we just started laughing hysterically! Poor little Sniff!

Soon after that we found a great spot to camp at Fawn Springs, a beautiful little place. It was nearly the last one we came to that didn't have anyone camped there already. It was so gorgeous!

We warmed up some homemade pizza on the grill for lunch and headed out on a bike ride with the dogs. As I said before Ty was teaching me how to mountain bike. He went ALL the time when he was young, but I'd never really been. It was a totally new experience for me, little lots of ouchees, but I really had a blast. By the end of the trip Ty said I was doing really good!

The dogs had a great time too, rolling and splashing in the mud, nearly the whole trip!

We took them to play in the snow near our camp and they had a blast. But as it got colder later on and after a couple of rain showers, they were really tuckered out and sopping wet, so I dried them off with paper towels - that's all we had - and wrapped them up in blankets and they fell asleep.

Now for adventure #3...
On our way home Ty wanted me to be able to ride down the hill to get better at biking, so we packed up and off we went, him following behind me, in the truck and trailer. I was riding along with the dogs and got to one of the intersections and kept going, figuring Ty would be able to catch up soon, as it was a much wider road. Well, I kept going and going and didn't see Ty, so I headed back up to the camp, with no sign of him or the truck.

I rode back down to the intersection and happened to see a jeep coming up and stopped to ask if they had seen him and they said he was on the other fork of the road. I raced down the hill with dogs in tow, really hot and worn out from the rest of the trip. I got about half way down the mountain and could hear him coming around the corner in his diesel. He had dropped the camper all the way at the bottom and when he didn't see me he unhitched and headed back up the mountain to find me and the dogs. At this point he still had to find a place to turn around, so told me to keep going with the dogs and he'd catch up. Well we were really cruising and by the time Ty met up further down the hill. The dogs were so exhausted they ran down to the river and just laid there, belly-down in the muddy water - just before they had to jump in the back on the leather seats, as we weren't about to put them in the bed of the truck again! :)


  1. That was quite the little adventure you went on! SOunds like you had fun though! :)

  2. I was laughing out loud when I read about your guys driving up the hill with your dog running behind you and the people looking at you guys like you were crazy. Ahh that was funny.