Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend in Moab

For Ty going to Moab for Jeep Safari for Easter Weekend has been a tradition for most of his adult life. We decided this year we needed to keep that tradition alive. Our friends Brock and Stef came with and provided the Four Wheelers, while we provided with sleeping quarters.

It wasn't nearly as warm as I remember two years ago. It was rainy, windy and not so warm. But still a blast. We drove down on Friday, set up camp on Blue Hill Road, and headed into town to watch "Tater Salad" for a while. After burgers for dinner that night we rode up 3D trail under the stars. It was really awesome!

Saturday morning we slept in as the rain drenched the camper. After breakfast we took a 5 hour 22 mile trip on Porcupine Rim Trail. It was beautiful. I only got a few pictures and not many of the scenery. After that we spent another hour or two in town and ate a delicious dinner at Pasta Jays. We sat by the campfire til nearly midnight.

Sunday, the sunniest and nicest day of all, we drove the 8 hours back home! :) Oh well.


  1. Looks like a fun-filled weekend! But I'd expect nothing less of you and Ty on a holiday :)

  2. Moab is way fun. Too bad it was bad weather most of the time. You guys are full of adventure. I love it.