Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crazy Month

Sorry we haven't updated things in a while. It's been a bit crazy around here.
My parents came to visit for Valentine's Weekend. Before they came, I made some Valentine's Day cards, that turned out great! (I think!)

We all went to Rock Creek Restaurant Friday night and had a delicious dinner and the best crème brûlée I've ever had!! I asked them for the recipe and our waitress just chuckled and said that, "No, they couldn't give it out." Bummer!!

The next day for Valentine's Day we went to an early temple session, went shopping and lounged around the house for a while. That evening we all went Snowshoeing. It was so beautiful!!

Then we got yummy pie at The Depot Grill and rented a movie. Ty got me a set of new hoop earrings (as I lost the last set in the Lake), some asparagus crowns, and a herb garden kit. I love them!! I got him a big box of chocolates (that he ate within 24 hours) and a bow saw.

Since then, we've just been running around keeping busy!!

Ty and I just got our taxes filed and bought a new comp with part of our return. It's soooooooooooo much fast than my old one that I had had forever (since I graduated from high school)!

It's been really nice weather here recently, until Wednesday, a huge wind storm came and dumped a bunch of snow all over the place. This is what I saw when I came home from work.

The neighbor's "garage" had turned into a kite and made it's way into our backyard!! Hahaha!

Last night Ty and I took the dogs up to Diamond Field Jacks and spent the night camping out and snowshoeing. The wind was blowing pretty good, but once we dug down three feet, it was nice and much as it can be in February! :)

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  1. It looks like fun! Thanks for the birthday card. It was really cute!