Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Po' White Trash!

For Halloween this year, we went to the trunk or treat at our church building! There were three wards there and nearly 600 people! We had dinner and Hot Chocolate and then headed outside for all the candy!

We handed out somewhere between 10-12 pounds of candy!
It was really fun, but a little cold! (We should have brought Mr. Heater!)

We got some great pictures!
(Beware...this is not a typical look for either of us, but it was really fun to pretend!) Check it out!

Ty's sporting his mullet-hawk!

Gotta love those shoes and hat!

Note the white trash Christmas lights up on Halloween! Yes, yes...those are ski poles holding them up as we chill in our lawn chairs and handout candy from a cardboard box!!

Our neighbors, "Joe the Plumber" and his wife, feeding the children candy from the toilet! Hahaha! We made a great pair! Toilet brush and all!

A scary one of Ty after we got home! (Don't worry his head got completely shaved the next day!)

I'm sure you all can't wait for next Halloween! Hahaha! :)


  1. Ty definately looks like he could be posing for a prision photo! Watch out your white trash girl will go find another man to satisfy her!! :) j/k Looks like you guys had a fun and busy month! I love Calf Creek!

  2. Haha, you guys are so talented at being white trash :)

  3. Look like you guys had a great halloween and a great time spending time together.

  4. Frightening! I think his brain froze one too many times while he was out sledding! And your hat looks really familiar.... nice. Have a good time next year. Love, Mom

  5. You guys look good. Po white trash could be a new look for you two.