Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Thank you all for the birthday wishes yesterday! I think it was one of the most wonderful birthdays I can remember.

To start the day off, Ty made me breakfast in bed! YUM! We had cinnamon rolls, strawberries and marion berries and milk. It was really good.

After that, Ty sent me on a scavenger hunt around the house for my cards and presents. All together it took about 45 minutes, from "digging" in the dog food and inside the dryer to hidden in the teapot and buried in the garden.

This one was the coldest one, as it was about 8:00 and still pretty chilly outside.
But mind you Ty was out there much earlier than that digging the hole to put it in. :)
It was really fun though and Ty says he just does it cause he loves me. :)

After that we decided it was time to get a new fridge. Not really for my birthday but just because! Its really neat and we got a great deal on it!! Check it out!

It's just a tad smaller than the previous one we had as far as cubic feet go, but with the fridge at eye level it's so much easier to see stuff and there is still plenty of stuff for food. After we go that back home and all the food switched over, I took a few minutes to enjoy my gifts.

For all you foodists out there here's one you'll enjoy. The Science of Good Food is an incredible book that give the history, fast facts and every other little detail you've ever wanted to know about food. I've just read two of the entries, "pineapple" and "candies" but really neat info!

Later that night Ty was taking me to a surprise "show." I love surprises! On our way there Ty stopped at a friends house, Jamie and Ross'. They asked him to come pick up some tools he had left there from redoing their roof. She lead us through the front door to the garage to get them and walking through the kitchen I saw a cake with candles and a bunch of our friends shouted surprise!

I had no idea this was the "show" we were going to. The family Ty had helped roof the house wanted to pay a few of us back with a nice dinner and they turned it into a birthday surprise party! There were a few people there I didn't know, but we quickly became friends. Jamie made a wonderful dinner and delicious chocolate trifle cake that looked amazing.

After that we played a few games and got to know each other some more. There were all really fun people; we'll have to get together again. After that we went to make Coke Bottle Bombs across the canyon. :)

All in all it was a great day! Thank you all again for a fabulous birthday!

Especially, Ty for all you did to keep it all a secret and make it a day to remember. I love you so much and I'm so blessed to have a husband as wonderful as you! Thank You!


  1. It sounds like you had quite the birthday.....he's set the standard for all birthday's yet to come! Are you ready to keep up with it next month? I can't believe that we are getting so old I still think that I'm 19! :) Hope your week continues to be just as great as your big day was!

  2. Happy late birthday, glad you had such a fun day!-Wendy