Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Calf Creek and Goblin Valley

Over UEA weekend we went to Calf Creek near Escalante and Goblin Valley with Ty's family. It was beautiful there and we couldn't have asked for better weather! There were 10 of us and 4 dogs! Half of us stayed in the Motor Home and the other half "roughed it" in the tent trailer! :)

In this pic I'm getting up the courage to slide down this!
(Ty dove in a different pool and it was freezing!)

This is Ty's sister Tiff and her dog Sammy!

It was really fun! But dang cold! Ty went three times!
I think it's the best water slide I've ever been down!

Scratch and I posing for a quick picture! So pooped!
Sniff was too good to stay up with me!

Hey Andersons, we found the "man-eating-rock"!
No, it doesn't eat dogs, just people! :)

The whole gang!

Ty just could resist snapping a pic of us clean up later that night when the toilet overflowed!

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