Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mount Borah

Wow! Yesterday Ty and I and the dogs, my dad and a friend, Ian Birch climbed Mt. Borah, the highest peak in Idaho. At 12,662 feet, I think that the highest I've ever been. It starts at the parking lot at 7,200 feet and climbs nearly 5,600 feet in 3.5 miles!'s pretty much straight up. It took 11 hours round trip. That's the longest it's ever taken to climb 7 miles. :) But when you consider its a over a mile vertical and back down it's pretty good time. We started at 7 am and summitted at 2 pm, hung out at the top for about an hour and were finished by 6 pm.

This is my dad on the very first part of the trail. From the parking lot it just starts climbing and climbing and climbing!
This is me and my dad about a mile and a half up the trail. For the most part you can see the valley below the whole trip! It incredible how far up we are!

This is the infamous "Chicken Out Ridge" that make the trails sound even more daunting to most people, but we're all part 'scramblers/climbers' so we did just fine. Even the dogs did good, after a little pep talk and a few good catches. Thanks dad!

There was another couple up there that were in about the same boat as we were. I'm on the left, Mickaela and Brett on the right. We kind of paced each other up the mountain.
Just below the cornice of snow is a beautiful mountain lake. My dad is already planning a trip to that lake next year!
Scratch and Sniff were pretty much celebrities up there on the mountain. They packed their own food and water to the Ridge, where we left to pick up on the way down. Everyone we met was so impressed by them and stopped to pet each one and give a little encouragement! :)

There is a really cool geo-cache up there along with these flags and banners to record thoughts! It was truly one of the most beautiful views I've ever seen!! This is Ty proudly holding the flag!

From left to right, Brian Anderson(my dad), Sniff, Melissa Sleight (me), Ian Birch, Scratch and Ty Sleight.

Scratch 'n Sniff look so proud!!

On the way back to "Chicken Out Ridge" Mickaela and Brett paused for a photo op!

Waiting while the group in front of scrambles up the rock face!
I thought the descent would be really tough on my knees, but did just fine until the last 15 minutes when the Advil had worn off!

This is Brooke, another hiking companion we met along the way, making the final climb down "Chicken Out Ridge."

Ty and I below Mt. Borah

Ian was in the most in shape of any of us. He made it to the top 2 hours before the rest and ran the last half of the trail, from here down, on the way down.
(Look how tired the dogs look. Poor doggies!)

The amazing view to the valley below! You can see the parking lot there in the bottom of the picture.
(I think I could be a photographer for Google Earth :) Ha Ha!)
We stopped to eat dinner on the way out of town and Ty's power steering in the truck had almost gone out completely, but we made it all the way home with no trouble. Whew!!

Here are a couple pics of Scratch and Sniff this morning. They pretty much been sleeping since we got back last night. :)

That was one of the most amazing hikes I've ever done with some of the most spectacular scenery I've ever seen. Killer, but amazing! And a 'high mark' as well!

To all of you who are contemplating Mt. Borah, I would highly recommend it!!!

But it couldn't hurt to do a little training before you go :) Oh well!
Next time, we'll know!


  1. I'm impressed! Cute pics of your dogs, and you and Ty :)

  2. in some of those pictures it looks like you can see forever. What a fun outing as a family.

  3. Awesome I love the little dog backpacks

  4. Found this from Becca's blog. Wow! Looks like you guys have been busy. Hope all is well with you. Your hike looked amazing. I can't wait to do some of that tough stuff again. Having kids has made me kind of a wimp. Oh well. I wish we could have made it to Bob's wedding. I heard it was great! Love ya, the Sanders