Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gold's Gym "Tour de Cure" for Diabetes

I signed up for an all day spin-a-thon to raise money for diabetes. It was mighty hot, even at 9 am. I raised $100 and got this sweet jersey and water bottle. There were about 25 people for the first hour or two. But only about 10 people stayed the whole 4 hours. This was my first "long ride."
This is part of my fan club, Nicki.
Jordan and Ty were there for moral support as well.
This is near the end when we were pushing like crazy.
My max heart rate was 203 and 43 mph!! HOLY CRAP!!

I rode a total of 80.1 miles and burned 1948 kcals in 3 hours and 40 minutes!!!!

My goal was at least 80 miles in 4 hours. (They cut it a little short, because there were so few people there.)I bet I could have done 10 more miles in the extra 2o minutes, but I was okay with being done early!!


  1. Good for you, that would have totally kicked my butt, see you in a few weeks

  2. That is awesome. You are an animal! 80 miles is FOREVER!That is great!

  3. Nice work! I bet your legs were killer sore the next morning! looks like you guys are living up life!