Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sun Valley Idaho

Ty and I got the opportunity to go to Sun Valley yesterday and today. I'm training there to cover for their dietitian's vacation days, etc. Ty went hiking and took these pictures while I was slaving away working (actually they only had two patients in the whole hospital!)

This next one is for you Mom!

We had to leave the dogs home as the Sun Valley Lodge didn't allow dogs. That was our first trip away from them, but they were so excited to see us again when we got back home. The weather was so nice. It was a great mid-week getaway! Here are some pics of the lodge and the village.


  1. Fun fun, you get to travel to take someone else's shift! I bet the doggies missed you a ton! Good thing they have eachother! Looks like you two are doing great! Is Ty going to go to summer school or take a break? I'm ready for a break big time! ( and I'm just teaching the classes!)

  2. sounds fun. It is weird there is still so much snow there.