Monday, December 8, 2014

YEAH! Festival of Trees

This year the YEAH! program (Youth Engaged in Activities for Health), a program I've been the dietitian for since it started 4 years ago had the opportunity to be the benefactor for the Festival of Trees and St Luke's Annual Employee Giving Campaign. Our team was soooo excited!!

BUT it was our job to find all the silent auction items for 2 different nights. So we went to work nearly exhausting ourselves trying to get donations, spending many many hours in addition to our regular jobs.  

Finally when the event rolled around we had nearly 150 different items.  The event went so well!! Kyli, our coordinator, had a vacation planned that week and I ended up speaking at both of the nights on behalf of our program.

Here are some pictures from the nights of the events!

 Ladies' Night Out!

 The Bling Raffle Tree

Sarah and I at the Festival of Trees Gala

 Silent Auction tables

We ended up receiving about $62,000 from the Festival of Trees and the Annual Employee Giving Campaign raised $110,000, the majority of which was designated towards our fund. We were so excited!!!

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