Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fancy Josie turns 4!

The Birthday Girl!
I made Peaches and Cream french toast for a fancy breakfast out on the deck and then she opened presents.

Josie was soooo excited when she opened her princess set and played with them all day.

That afternoon we had a blast at the Fancy Nancy Birthday Soiree! 

This is the Fancy party dress I made for Josie. I planned to make it for Easter and gave to her as a birthday present instead. It was fun to make and not too hard.

I love how the coral exposed zipper in the back turned out!

For Josie's cake I made some fun petit fours. I've never made them before, but thought they would be prefect for the girls and fancy tea party. Here's a quick tutorial for those that are interested. 

This is just a vanilla pound cake I bought (gasp!)

 I cut them into equally thick slices and slathered them with lemon curd and made sandwiches out of the slices.

 I used a 1" circle cutter for the round ones and just cut the square ones. Next time I would trim the darker crust off so it doesn't show through the icing when you're done and for the round ones, smooth the sides with your fingers first so the extra crumbs come off.

Here is the recipe I used for the icing. I used cherry extract to flavor it. I made it a little thicker and it did the trick. I poured the icing over one side at a time while still on the cooling rack and let it dry a bit, and then rotated it. I skipped the bottom and did the top last and used more icing so it would smoothly pour over the entire thing. The second coat I just poured from the top so it would look even more smooth. 

 I ordered a gum paste flower punch for the decorations and used some marzipan and edible pearls that I already had. I sprinkled them with a little edible glitter dust that I picked up at Michael's.

Not only did they look really cute, they were DELICIOUS! I probably ate half of these little babies myself!

 The fancy refreshments with fancy lemon "tea" to drink. I happened upon some butterfly crackers from Pepperidge Farms that went perfectly with our Fancy Nancy theme!

 All the fancy girls lined up for goodies!

Josie had fun helping me make these fun crowns and decorating the tables!

Josie blowing out her mini birthday candle! It's hard to tell, but it's a cute purple number 4. The girls got the use the fancy china as well!

 The girls played Fancy Nancy Bingo with sugar cubes and they each got to do a few glamour shots. Thanks Jess!

Hadley and Sophie

Gianna and Ellis


I guess my attempt at skipping the gifts fell through! Everyone said I should know better.
I feel like it's more about the birthday experience than the gifts, but thank you everyone. 

Happy 4th Birthday to the most fun loving, sweet little girl in the world! Love you Jo!

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  1. What a cute party! I can't believe that it has already been four years. Happy Late Birthday Josie!