Saturday, February 2, 2013


I've wanted to get Josie signed up for tumbling for a while now, but have been quite busy with work and the only place I knew about charged a LOT of money. Well a few weeks ago I saw a clip on the news station for an inexpensive tumbling class, so I signed Josie up. I'm off on Fridays so it worked out perfectly.

Josie was sooo excited for her first day, but there was a big snow storm the night before so they cancelled the class. Bummer!

After being VERY patient she finally got to go! We even got a cute little outfit for her to wear! 

She was twirling around before we even left the house.

They do a warm up called See Me Run and I think this is one of Josie's favorite parts! :) She's really good at shaking her hips! haha!

She has been working on her somersaults for awhile and showed the teacher how good she was!

She's the youngest in her class and not quite as coordinated or focused as some of the other kids, but she still has a ton of fun!! 

She's still working on her crab walk, but her bear walk is looking good. She can now do a bridge fairly well too!

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